The 5 Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes Made by Business Owners

Digital marketing is one of the most powerful advertising platforms in the world. It can be used for all kind of businesses like real estate agencies, insurance companies, general contractors, plastic surgeons, lawyers and so on.  It has the capacity to reach out to millions of viewers across the globe within seconds. The speed and reach of online marketing have given it a special position in the market. These factors have also made people impulsive about online business. They fail to realize that it is not overnight magic which would start bringing revenue the next day. It takes a few years of dedicated digital planning, execution and marketing to get the desired return on investments from online resources like e-commerce portals, mobile apps, and websites.

In this article, we will discuss the five most common mistakes made by small business owners while dealing with this advertising channel. The information will also help them avoid monetary losses due to failed digi-marketing programs.

1. Running an AdWords campaign before promoting the site properly: A Google paid advertising campaign is a very expensive proposition. Highly competitive keywords are very expensive, and each click adds to the cost of the campaign. The total budget can run into a few thousand dollars. Such campaigns should be run very carefully after prior consultation with digital marketing experts. The site should be designed for AdWord campaigns and should have the desired Domain Age and Authority to qualify for Google Paid Advertising or PPC (Pay Per Click)

2. Spending Unnecessarily on Facebook Ads: Facebook Ad campaigns are good, but they need to be used properly. Most small and medium scale businesses get lured by the promise of Facebook Adverts and end up spending a huge amount of money without actually getting the desired results from them. Business owners and decision makers should not make any haste in terms of social media advertising. It should be done by experienced social media managers who know how to set up campaign managers to yield maximum results.

3. Expecting the impossible: This is one of the most common problems faced by internet marketers. Right from the start of a web promotional campaign, they start expecting the extra-ordinary which in turn put a lot of pressure on the marketing team. It can escalate into a conflict between the business and its ad partner.

4. Publishing Duplicate Content: As a new internet marketer, you are probably often drawn to software that promotes set it and forget it ideas about article marketing. Article Marketing Robot and Magic Article Submitter are two prime examples. They say that they take one article and through a spinning process turn it into several different unique articles before submitting them to several different directories. Although spun articles may be 10% to 20% percent unique, they are generally 80% to 90% duplicate and easily detected by search engines. Therefore, you should not use them. One article submitted through these could cause penalties that are almost impossible to come back from.

5. Spamming: We have all heard the term spam. The common misconception is that this term only describes emails that consumers don’t ask for. This is not the case. The term spam describes irrelevant posts on blogs, spun articles posted to blogs, irrelevant blog comments, contacting consumers who don’t want to talk to you on social media and any other action that causes irrelevant content to be posted or consumers to read something they did not ask for.

Spam not only causes penalties given to websites by the major search engines, but it is also not tolerated by law! If you are a spammer, you can be facing stiff civil penalties. To avoid legal action, penalties on search engines and losing your trust online, do not spam in any way shape or form. If you are not sure if what you are about to do is spam, ask yourself, “Am I contacting someone that doesn’t want to talk to me?”, “Am I posting content that is irrelevant to the website it’s being posted on?” and “Am I causing someone to read something that they did not ask for?”. If the answers to any of these questions is yes, chances are, what you are about to do is spam!

Our message to small business owners is simple. Try to be simple, honest and realistic in your approach. You will get good benefits from digital marketing only when you follow the ground rules.

Considering the market scenario of 2017, we can easily say that the rush towards e-commerce platforms is extremely high. Everyone wants to go online and get more customers. Of course, the opportunity is huge since no other platform would give you access to a global customer base sitting in the comfort of your home.

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