6 Benefits of Photo Taking Hobby for Elderly

Having some sort of a hobby such as art, craft or leisure activity is extremely essential for those who are in home health care Dallas. While having a side hobby is extremely fun, it is also proven to bring some serious benefits to our overall psychological, mental and physical wellness. Spending time doing things we like boosts our positive energy, which can help in defeating age and even serious illnesses. While there are plenty of hobbies out there, photography is one of the best hobbies which elderly can enjoy and benefit from.

Photography by itself is a type of art that allows us to create dialogs with our inner selves. It is a great way for self-expression, and reflecting our views and perspectives of the world. In addition, it requires unique levels of creativity and attention to details, which can only be fueled when we have a clear and inspired mind. Particularly for the elderly, practicing photography can be a game changer and help them overcome physical and emotional struggles. Here are some of the great benefits you can reap of you decide to photo taking as a hobby!

Photography improves cognitive functions

Photography helps you work out your brain muscles and keeps it sharp as you age. A recent study by the University of Texas at Dallas found that seniors who were engaged in learning photography as a new hobby were more likely to develop an improved memory than their counterparts who were not learning a new skill. Learning photography as a new skill brings you to face new challenges and unfamiliar problems, which simulates your mind and improves your memory. In order to take great photos, you need to memorize the camera functions and pay attention the details in your composition, which helps to improve your memory. Remember, your memory is like a muscle; the more you train it the stronger it becomes.

Photography is a great stress reliever

In general, when you get elderly, home health agencies in Dallas recommends that all type of arts serve as a great way to drain your stress, as they let you release your tension and transform it into an expressive piece of art. Photography in specific is a great way to distract you from your every-day stressful events. It requires your focus and attention to tiny details in your surrounding environment, which allows you to forget about your stress and concentrate on creating art.  Moreover, photography is often practiced in a calm environment such as natural scenery. Such environment is usually inspiring and forces you to search for meaningful messages and compositions within the wings of a butterfly or the petals of a flower, which gives you a meditation-like effect that can significantly lower your stress levels.

Photography inspires creativity

Good photography cannot happen without creativity. Taking photos as a hobby encourages you to think out of the box and look everywhere for new ideas. When you aim for a good photo, your brain sees things differently; your creativity is heightened to create great visual compositions and meaningful messages in your photos. Moreover, you are presented with problems that require creative solutions. While brainstorming for creative ideas, your brain cells become more active, creating brain connections that support your mental health.

Photography boosts self-esteem

When someone comments on a photo you have taken by saying it looks “professional”, it makes you feel good about yourself. You do not have to become a guru to experience this; we’ve all been there when photos we have taken get complimented and we start giving photo credits to ourselves. Now imagine this same feeling for an elderly when they receive compliments for their piece of art. In fact, creating art is known to simulate our brains to release dopamine, the molecule responsible of making us feel good. The feeling of achievement makes you more confident with your skills, boosts your self-esteem and keeps you motivated to achieve more.

Photography keeps you active

Once you become hooked on photography, you become excited to explore new places and new ideas to capture with your lens. When are outdoors, your eyes start wandering for new things, and before you even realize it, you find that you have walked back and forth, stretched hands several times, did one or two squat positions before taking your perfect photo. Moreover, your interest in new art exhibitions or camera updates will encourage you to visit the latest photography events and connect with people with interests similar to yours.

Photography is therapeutic

Photography allows you to share your thoughts and ideas with other people. As we know it in today’s world, many self-help groups are based on sharing your thoughts and connecting to other people. Psychologists suggest that sharing photos with other can serve as a way to self disclose and share your inner thoughts with others. This process is extremely important to elder people, who usually need to stay connected and surrounded by their beloved ones. Photography allows them share their inner thoughts, lifestyle and special moments which is a great therapy for their inner selves.

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