A Few Helpful Tips to Keep Trees Healthy

Much like yourself, your friends or your pets, your trees won’t stay healthy all by themselves and part of proper home management means addressing the health needs of your trees. This is primarily accomplished with simple practices that should be applied to taking care of the trees themselves.

Following is an overview of important health concerns for trees in your garden.

Avoid Staking your trees — While most often a stake will be driven to provide protection support to a young tree, it can also have negative consequences in the future. Exposure to a certain amount of difficulty is good for a young tree and can keep it from becoming over dependent on the support of the stank. This is essential in cultivating a strong trunk and limbs that won’t be falling under their own weight. If you will use a stake during the first few weeks of a sapling’s life in the ground, remove the stake as soon as possible.

Transplanting your Trees – At some point you may need to transplant your trees to keep their roots from becoming entangled, for example. Do this with special care and consideration for the type of tree you are moving. Consult with a local arborist on the best times of year if you are not sure and above all remember that the roots are crucial to the tree’s life and keep them intact. Another point is age, younger trees react better to transplantation than older trees.

Protect a Tree’s CRZ – be aware of the critical root zone, or CRZ. Of the trees in your garden so you can practice optimal mulching. While there are technical ways to determine the exact radius, it can be considered the drip-line around the perimeter of the outermost foliage. Proper awareness of the drip-line leads to better mulching and a healthier tree.

Mulch – trees need food just like you and me, and if it is applied properly can greatly improve the quality and longevity of your trees. Apply large helpings of mulch around the tree within its CRZ and greatly improves the quality of soil below. Temperature of the soil and the capacity to retain moisture are also improved and this adds life to the tree. You can find a great by typing tree service near me and you will see a great company called Arborist USA.

Fertilize Your Tree – in addition to mulch, fertilizers can add an extra boosting power that can enhance the production of blossoms and unique foliage and generally adds a paradisaical aspect to your outdoor area. Fertilizers should be selected and applied by an expert arborist once every year for best results. As the tree ages, it may be necessary to make a few more lighter applications throughout the year.

Prune Your Tree – pruning is essential not only for the keeping your tree looking its best but it also keeps it in balance and perfect form. There are times and seasons for this practice and even ways it should be done with different trees, be sure you review the specifics of your trees and research best practices before beginning.

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